Bad Body Language

by Crosslegged

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released June 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Crosslegged Brooklyn, New York


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Track Name: Leg Ow
you walk walk walk walk walk
to the sound of a million drums

i guess I'm not really me
you never seem to see
what's on the tv screen

it steps inside of me

and i'm gone
Track Name: Bucket
all is running down across your face
running to the same old place
Track Name: Wonder Even When
what it is and what it needs
i'm begging for a comeback please
after one comes and leaves
i'm begging for the sunshine
Track Name: Untitled #2
i've got
two questions for you
is that your face
are those your shining shoes

is that your car
are those your eyes
is that your skin
show me your scars

it's eleven
forty two
i found all the things that i left at the zoo
in the cage
with the bears
and the birds
forget the hares

there's a trail
inside my head
new shoes are a bore
so i stay there instead
with the dirt
and the leaves
are those your legs
they look so beat
Track Name: Mosquito
bring your shoes in the house
rain's about to come on down
wash away all the reasons
wash away all the leaves on

the trees look mighty big today
at least there's something in the way
blocking room for stagnant water
blocking ways to make it harder

stagnant water
mosquito larvae
such a nuisance